The SAFE INDEX project relies on AIOT technology that uses AI to repurpose the data of the Internet of Things into useful information in order to support the management and analysis of data, to boost decision making, and to enhance the cooperation between humans and machines. This technology will make the Internet of Things more efficient. Bonding the Internet of Things with AI is key in speeding up technological advancements and providing new digital services. The Digital data collected by the Internet of Things is analyzed effectively thanks to the AI technology, which increases the efficacy of decision-making. And this is what the SAFE INDEX project is aiming to achieve through the innovative solutions it offers, which are based on bonding the solutions of AI with the solutions of the Internet of Things in the domain of logistic services in order to contribute to improving the Kingdom’s Trading Across Borders Index ranking by supporting and facilitating the customs clearance procedures, which will speed up shipment. Moreover, the SAFE INDEX project seeks to increase governmental revenues by limiting tax evasions - the latter will increase the efficiency of customs tax and fees collection, as it will contribute to the Vision 2030 goals, which is to increase non-oil revenue to one trillion riyals.
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